Weekend’s Just Aren’t That Fun Anymore

As another week has passed, with it, another weekend. Most people live for the weekend. This week I found out, I can’t stand them. Over the past month or so, my weekends just haven’t been as fun as they used to be. This weekend was no different. I had a few things planned but spent most of my 2 days lost. I came to the realization, my … Continue reading Weekend’s Just Aren’t That Fun Anymore

Post Procrastination

It’s been a while… I’ve been procrastinating A whole month has passed since my last post. For years, procrastination has cost me an unfathomed amount of time. As a solo entrepreneur, nobody is keeping tabs on you. Nobody is making sure you’re at your desk, working your butt off. If I decide to watch Netflix all day, absolutely nothing will be affected apart, of course, … Continue reading Post Procrastination

An Insignificant Wednesday

Wednesday, May 31st Same story different day. The month of May has flown in. Honestly, don’t know where it went because I certainly didn’t make the most of it. A month is a way longer time than we sometimes give thought too. 30 odd days to make a difference. To create, to learn and to challenge ourselves to become better every day. There is no worst feeling for me … Continue reading An Insignificant Wednesday