An Insignificant Wednesday

Wednesday, May 31st

Same story different day.

The month of May has flown in. Honestly, don’t know where it went because I certainly didn’t make the most of it.

A month is a way longer time than we sometimes give thought too. 30 odd days to make a difference. To create, to learn and to challenge ourselves to become better every day.

There is no worst feeling for me at the moment than when I know I haven’t made use of the precious time I have been so very blessed with.

I have been spending this precious time on 3 main platforms; Facebook, Youtube, and Netflix. Hours upon hours of consuming useless content that brings no value to me whatsoever.

I know this isn’t uncommon. A lot of people do the exact same. But why?

Why do we just consume and procrastinate and time waste??

I didn’t end up finishing this so it’s now the 4th of June. I wasted all of Saturday doing nothing. Really annoying.

I want to stop this. From today I’m only allowed an hour a day to watch stuff. We’ll see how it goes…





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